March 2024 - Progress Report

Brightdirectories March 2024 Updates

New Plugins:

>> In a multi-location system, members can add their services to different location. Member can add multi-location service at Member Account Dashboard->Listing Detail->Service Areas Tab .  

>>  Admin can create new admin account with set permission of menu accessibility. This feature can access at Admin Panel->Settings->Admin Accounts. Also admin can send invitation email to new user to create account for admin panel accessiblity. Custom Role can create at admin panel with specific menu and sub-menu for new admin account.

>> The File Uploads for Forms add-on expands the capabilities of all forms across the website. member can add file like image file,pdf files in the forms like contact us form, contact me forms ,signup forms .
website login ->contact_us 

>> Member can send offline messages to another member by chat as lead at member profile page instead of lead form.

>> Registered members can chat with another member by private live chat on the member profile page. Also, chat receiver members can see the sender's chat messages from multiple accounts of chat. 

Member private chat
Private Member Chat allows members to chat back and forth through the website. With this add-on they can respond back to messages directly from within their member dashboard area.
Enabling this add-on, all direct messages will only be available from member to member. If the member is not logged in, it will not allow them to send a direct message to each other.
Memebr login->member listing ->member details page->send messages. 
Website login->Member Account Dashboard->chat messages

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