Jan 2024 - Progress Report

January 2024 Updates

New Plugins:

 >> User/member can "Like" any Member, post (Ex: job, classifieds, blogs, etc) at the front-end of the website.

>> Admin can set featured member at directoriesadmin.com panel for showing featured member slider at Home page.

>> Member can be highlighted as border color with strip in member listing box. This feature can be set at Admin Panel->Finance-> Manage Products->Edit Plan

>> Member can set profile banner at Member Profile page at member account dashboard. To enable this feature Admin Panel->Manage Products->Finance->Edit Specific Plan->Member's Dashboard Tab->Enable Profile Cover

>> Admin can export all member data as per field requirement at Admin Panel->Member Search->Export Member Data .

>> Member can see his/her Profile Analytics at front-end Login->Member Account Dashboard->Profile Statistics, where member can analyze the number of profile views, phone number views, post views, social link clickable count, and website link visit count. This feature can be enabled at Admin Panel->Finance->Manage Product-> Edit Plan->Enable Profile Statistics.

>> Member can add multiple member's account under his/her membership account at Member Login->Account Dashboard->Sub Accounts.  This feature can be enabled at the admin panel Manage Product->Edit Plan->Post Publish-> Sub Account.

>> Admin can set restrictions which members can search to specific members as per membership plan. This feature can be enabled at  Admin Panel->Manage Products->Finance->Edit Specific Plan->Search Visibility Tab->Hidden Member Profile Settings.

>> Member can set Blog as "Feature Blog" in Login->Member Account Dashboard->Mange Blog->View Blog->Edit->Feature on Home Page option at bottom section of blog edit page. After this setup the blog will display as "Featured Blog Slider" at Home page.

>>Admin can upload profile badges Admin Panel->Manage Products->Finance->Edit Specific Plan->Profile Badges Tab-> Membership Plan Badges. After this setup membership profile badges will populate at member listing page, Member Profile Page.


>> Activity Tracking at the time of Member Logged In, Member Logged Out, Member Profile Photo Update, Member Profile Logo Update, Events Add, Classified Add, Photo Albums Add

>> At the admin panel user can view blogs, events, coupons, events, properties, jobs with Manage Post->Post tabs(like blogs, events, coupons, events, properties, job )

>> Admin can enable/disable the banner slider of the home page to display at the front end.

>> Admin upload favicon at Admin panel->Design Settings

>> Header Menu Management at Admin Panel as per front-end to display.

>> The subscription refund issue has been fixed for resolving the refund of money at the payment gateway.

>> After member registration redirect to the member account page.

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