Feb 2024 - Progress Report

Brightdirectories February 2024 Updates

Feb 2024 - Progress Report

New Plugins:

 >> Admin can set related keywords for categories like main category, sub-category, sub-sub category at Admin Panel >> Members>>Manage Categories>> Related keyword textbox.  User search member with global search option at the header section of the website.

>> Member can set events recurring at member account dashboard at Events->Add/Edit Events with intervals of specific duration like every day, weekly, quarterly, etc.  The event start date and end date will display accordingly on the website event list page and event detail page.

>> Member/General users can create an account or login account by social logins like Facebook and Google login.  


>> Members can show or hide their social media links, website link, street address, and phone number according to their subscription plan at Admin panel. Admin Panel->Manage Products->Finance->Edit Specific Plan->Profile Badges Tab->Select Member Information.

>> Members can add/edit their WhatsApp, TikTok, and Snapchat social media links to their membership profiles page on the website at Website login->Member Account Dashboard->Contact Details->Other Links .

>> Admin can add a default member photo that will be displayed for members who haven't uploaded their own profile picture. Admin can set it at Admin Panel->Settings->General Settings->Additional Features.

>> Admin can set member verified or not at Admin panel->Members->Search Members->Select Action->Quick Edit->Listing Setting Tab->Select Verified Member. After the specific member is verified membership verification badge will be displayed on the website. Also admin can set verified member badge photo at Admin Panel->Settings->General Settings->Additional Features->Verified Member Icon.

>> Admin can view all contact logs with pagination, allowing them to navigate through multiple pages of emails. Additionally, they can utilize buttons like "Previous" and "Next" to move between different pages of emails for easier navigation and management at Admin Panel->Emails->View Contacts .

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